Is your presence really enough?

So you received the invite and confirmed your attendance – what now? Well its time to consider what to give the happy couple on their big day. Many people have taken to writing things in their invites such as – “your presence is present enough but should you wish to give a present…”

To start, ‘your presence’ is rarely the acceptable gift to give, unless your invited to a wedding where you take your own chair, food and its BYO then perhaps. Or if you have travelled half way around the world to be there and your in the bridal party then again perhaps. But on the most part, a gift of some kind is a reasonable expectation at a wedding.

Cash Gifting – the most popular trend currently is the request for a monetary contribution to a honeymoon or some other event, whereby the bride and groom may pop out a wishing well, box or recently i was at a wedding and it was travelled themed and they had a vintage suitcase for the envelopes.

Cash is perfectly acceptable to gift, however don’t try and slip them a $50 at the reception or chuck some notes into an envelope, be sure to include a card and handwritten message in a sealed envelope placed in the designated spot on the day.

As for the amount, well, wedding gifts are always tricky and often it depends on how well you know the couple. A general rule of thumb that I think works, ensure the amount you give or spend is no less than the food per head cost i.e if the food is $50 per head and you and your partner attend $100 would be a suitable amount. Of course this too is dependant, it shouldn’t leave you destitute after your contribution.

The Wedding Registry – less popular these days, as people often have a house full of dishes, pots and pans prior to marriage. But if the couple have sent information on a wedding registry then this is the perfect starting place to select a gift. However, you will find many of the smaller, less expensive items go quickly so pop on early to see the range. Also getting a group and going in on one of the bigger, more expensive items is a great way to ensure the couple get everything from their wish list.

Personalise – nothing compares to a unique personalised gift. On the market these days there are so many options from chopping boards, signs, glassware that can all be engraved with a quote, names, initials and dates. To a framed copy of a poem from the wedding, their vows or the lyrics from a song from the day (if you don’t know these prior a voucher for them to choose and have made or giving a slightly delayed gift is also acceptable).

Subscriptions – another emerging trend is subscriptions, now that you can subscribe to just about anything why not! A gift that lasts the first year of marriage is a wonderful way to give the newly weds a little reminder gift every month. From wine, beer, chocolate and everything in between the options are limitless, so consider what there tastes are and give a gift that gives a little longer.

Bottle of Wine purchasing a bottle from the year of the wedding which can be kept for them to enjoy on their 10th or 20th wedding anniversary is another lovely long serving gift that can be enjoyed at a later stage of their lives together. Don’t forget to include a note though with instructions that it should be drunk at the later time.

Bed Linen nothing like some fresh quality thread count pillowcases, marking this occasion. Auckland vendor The Art Room offer a hand printed Mr & Mrs in a variety of colours which make a perfect practical but fun unique wedding gift.

Personalised Star Map these are really cool and very special. A star map of their wedding date and time, or their first meeting would make an amazing treasure to last a lifetime.

What ever the gift, the key things to remember – give what your comfortable giving, personalise it with a note or card, think about the couple and what they would like (and what they wouldn’t) and enjoy sharing in their love story on their big day!

Photo Credit – Header/ Blog Body check out Pinterest @melcparnell7957 for links

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